get real

all of my non-operating system gijinkas :-P

internet explorer-tan
birthday: 08-16
used to be very mean and competitive, but became more of a klutz after discontinuation.

birthday: 04-29
emo bastard. hates apple products.

chromium edge-tan
birthday: 4-06
friends with chrome-tan, takes a lot of influence from her.

birthday: 09-23
friends with linux-tan. is definitely not a furry.

birthday: 12-11
has your personal data. uses a chromebook for some ungodly reason.

birthday: 1-07
good sense of direction. kind of gullible.

birthday: 01-24
talented artist, but only works in black and white. short attention span due to low ram. contrarian.

imac g3-tan
birthday: 08-15
very distinct sense of style. internet addict. my unofficial mascot, as seen on the site banner.

iphone 4s-tan
birthday: 10-14
voice is the old siri voice.

ms bob-tan
birthday: 03-10
has a pet dog. motherly personality.

birthday: 01-24
the blue half of her face is a mask.