os-tan but epic

all of my operating system character designs in one place wow funky

birthday: 11-20
based on windows as a whole. can jump over an office chair from standing position. cracked at minesweeper.

linux-tan (jessie)
birthday: 09-17
based on linux as a whole. name is based on debian 8 "jessie". hates corporations with a burning passion. trans woman.

mac os-tan (claire)
birthday: 01-24
based on mac os as a whole. name is based on clarus the dogcow. a bit of a kuudere. tends to overheat.

windows 95-tan
birthday: 08-24
shes a silly goofy fella. bluescreens when startled. her glasses are fake.

windows me-tan
birthday: 09-14
she's rather lazy and would rather make mspaint drawings than run her user's programs. each of her wrists have a usb port on them.

windows xp-tan
birthday: 10-25
don't have much of a personality in mind for her, i imagine her as rather popular, though.

birthday: 01-30
enjoys transparency effects. kind of a shut-in, can't drive.

birthday: 09-15
lesbian. somewhat boring and old-fashioned, but is stable and reliable. i main this os! :-)